Psychiatric Services

Assist individuals through the delivery of psychiatric assessments and care through videoconferencing with a licensed psychiatrist. Supports are provided onsite to facilitate the communication exchange between the individual and practicing psychiatrist.

To qualify for Psychiatric Services, consider the following criteria:

  • Medicaid Eligible
  • Be enrolled in another EPIC service

Settings – office

Hours of Service – by appointment only

Days of Services - 3 days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Frequency of Services – weekly with follow up appointments monthly

Payer of Services – Virginia Medicaid

Fees – no fees for individual

Referral Sources – community partners, Managed Care Organizations, self-referral, physicians’ offices, family, friends, other behavioral health agencies, schools, Department of Social Services, foster care agencies, EPIC internal programs, Office of Children’s’ Services (CSA)

Specific Services Offered – medication management, psychiatric evaluation, providing psychoeducation regarding disorders, psychiatric follow up, care coordination