Intensive In-Home Services – Children and Adolescents

Provides intensive services in the home with a child and legal guardian to help create stability within the home so that the child is able to remain in the care of their guardian and avoid out-of-home placement.

To qualify for the Intensive In-Home Services, consider the following criteria:

  • Medicaid Eligible
  • Demonstrate a clinical need for the service arising from a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder
  • At risk for removal from their home in placements such as psychiatric hospitalization, juvenile detention, therapeutic foster care, or residential treatment facility
  • Demonstrate significantly inappropriate social behavior or engage in dangerous activities without recognizing the danger they are in or are placing others in
  • Have received lesser restrictive services without success in changing behavior

Settings – community, home, school

Hours of Service – up to 10hours per week, not to exceed 3 hours per day per individual; service offered 7days/week

Days of Services - 7 days per week

Frequency of Services – up to 10hours per week, not to exceed 3 hours per day per individual unless clinically necessary

Payer of Services – Virginia Medicaid

Fees – no fees for individual

Referral Sources – community partners, Managed Care Organizations, self-referral, physicians’ offices, family, friends, other behavioral health agencies, schools, Department of Social Services, foster care agencies, EPIC internal programs, Office of Children’s’ Services (CSA)

Specific Services Offered – direct services, care coordination